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Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 3 Trials: North America – Week 1 Preview!

Welcome to our first preview for the OWC 2018 S3 Trials: NA and our first article about Overwatch Contenders!

This Trial for North America and will be played over the next 3 weekends.

Here is the matches that are happening on the first weekend of the OWC 2018 S3 Trials: NA.

Saturday October 6th:

  • Euphoria eSports vs Bye Week
  • Second Wind vs GG Esports Academy
  • Skyfoxes vs GOATS
  • Shu’s Money Crew vs Phase 2

Sunday October 7th:

  • GG Esports Academy vs Euphoria eSports
  • Phase 2 vs Bye Week
  • Second Wind vs GOATS
  • Skyfoxes vs Shu’s Money Crew

Matches will be shown on the Official OverwatchContenders Twitch Page

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