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Overwatch League Season 2 - #OWL2019 Toronto Defiant

‘Bishop’ announced as Toronto OWL Coach

Newly formed Toronto OWL team (Yet unnamed at time of writing) have announced via their official Twitter account that former London Spitfire Coach Beoumjun ‘Bishop’ Lee has become the Coach for the Canadian based Overwatch League team. Equal parts mentor, visionary, and legend. ✊ @BishopOW #TOxOWL #OWL2019 — 🇨🇦 TorontoOWL (@TorontoOWL) September 10, 2018 […]

Overwatch League Season 2 - #OWL2019 Toronto Defiant

Jaesun ‘Jae’ Won announced as GM of Toronto OWL.

In a official twitter post, TorontoOWL have announced that the General Manager of the newly formed Toronto Overwatch League team is Jaesun ‘Jae’ Won. Won was formerly the N.A. Player Management & Partnership Relations at Splyce. Splyce being the company that is owner of the Canadian Overwatch League Team. A beacon of wisdom, grit, and […]

Overwatch League Season 2 - #OWL2019 Toronto Defiant

Splyce buys Toronto spot for Overwatch League

Esports group Splyce announced today that they will be expanding by purchasing the Toronto spot for the Overwatch League. In a blog post posted on their website they have said: The Toronto Overwatch League franchise will be led by Chris Overholt, who will take over as the team’s new CEO and President after many years […]