Overwatch League Overwatch News Season 2 - #OWL2019

Blizzard releases information about OWL Season 2!

Blizzard has released a blog post on their official website regarding Season 2 of the Overwatch League.

In their fairly lengthy post, they have revealed that:

  • Overwatch League Season 2 will begin on Thursday 14th February 2019 from the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles!
  • 8 New teams have been added:
    • Atlantic Division: Atlanta, Paris, Toronto and Washington, DC.
    • Pacific Division: Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Vancouver
  • All 20 teams will play 28 matches each over four 5-week stages! 7 Matches per Stage.
  • To allow teams to travel home during the season, teams could be playing 0, 1 or 2 matches per week.
  • Stage Finals are happening after Stage 1, 2 & 3. With the top 8 teams from each stage making the finals in which it will become a seeded playoff bracket.
  • All-Star will now take place between Stage 2 and 3 rather than be at the end of the regular season.
  • For the play-offs, the winners of the divisions and the the next 4 teams in the standings were qualified. Now it is the next 6 teams (to compensate for the new 8 teams added) which will make for a bigger and longer playoff.

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